Exhibition Essentials

Exhibitions are an excellent platform for businesses to meet existing and potential customers. They offer a perfect opportunity for companies to get brand exposure and build long-lasting relationships. Exhibition attendees are psychologically prepared to engage with business representatives making expos a perfect avenue to secure new business. With proper branding and captivating marketing messages, your exhibition booth will compel attendees to stop and enquire more about your products and services.

Below are tools that are essential for creating a memorable experience and boost branding.

Promotional products: Everyone loves freebies. Promotional items such as pens, thermos mugs and diaries go a long way in marketing your brand long after the exhibition is over. Whenever your branded promotional products are used, your company enjoys brand exposure and impressions.

Branded table throws: At an exhibition booth, presentation in everything. Visually, your exhibition booth needs to be appealing and represent an extension of your brand. Most exhibitors underestimate the importance of dressing tables with branded table throws. Table throws can be branded with your company logo or at least match your brand colors.

Banner stands: Banners are vital when it comes to building awareness. When attending exhibitions, it is important to be well branded, your presence needs to be felt and recognized. Banner stands will bolster your marketing effort by ensuring visitors spot your booth and engage with sales representatives. Banners can also trigger potential customers’ interest in your products and services through the marketing messages printed on them.

Branded attire: A strong brand identity is paramount when it comes to communicating value. Branding needs to be consistent and extended to various elements of the business including staff attire. Branded t-shirts and caps give consumers confidence that your brand is professional and can be trusted. Trust is a key aspect in sales and marketing domain.

Brochures/Fliers: Brochures and fliers are silent sales people. They give important information about your business. From your products, services, location, values, mission, vision, to your contact information. Brochures are very informative hence essential to your marketing effort during exhibitions.