Reasons why you should consider wall painting advertising as marketing collateral

Outdoor advertising or Out-of-Home advertising is the oldest form of advertising. Billboards are one of the most common forms of outdoor advertising. However, one form that can be very attractive in grabbing attention and effective in communicating value is wall painting advertising.

Wall painting is bold. The graphics used in wall painting are usually eye-catching. Most businesses use graphics of their name and logo. Depending on the size of these graphics, it is easy to grab the attention of passers-by and convert them into customers therefore benefiting from areas that have high foot traffic.

Having a wall that is painted also ensures that your logo and brand name is visible 24/7-365 to your potential customers. Repetition is imperative when it comes to sales and marketing. Brand exposure needs to be consistent and long-term.

Wall painting advertising is very exclusive. Space is not shared with other businesses thus adverts effectively and exclusively communicate to your target audience. This form of advertising in not intrusive, unlike online and television mediums that run multiple adverts in sequence. Intrusive adverts can be easily ignored leading to businesses missing out on a large proportion of prospective clientele base.