Why use an integrated approach in marketing

When it comes to marketing, companies are better of creating a seamless and multi-dimensional brand experience. Having an integrated marketing approach gives your company an edge over competition since you utilize different components of marketing rather than a single part, making you stand out. This supports your differentiation efforts. Differentiation goes a long way in bolstering brand awareness, visibility and makes sure your unique value proposition is clearly communicated.  Some of the benefits of an integrated marketing approach include:  

1.       More visibility

Using a multi-dimensional approach means you advertise across various channels. With this comes increased visibility since you are able to tap into diverse consumer preferences and behavior. Consumer behavior is changing around the globe and being in a position to effectively reach a diverse group of consumers in key to success.

2.       Better ROI

Diversification is an investment strategy that cushions businesses from loses. Having an integrated approach means not carrying all your eggs in one basket. When one approach fails to deliver to your expectations, another approach might exceed expectations. In the long-run, businesses with an integrated marketing approach will better return on investment.

3.       Versatility

Marketing needs to be adaptable and flexible. Having a billboard and brochures alone is not enough. Companies needs direct sales representatives who move around looking for clients. The marketing team also needs to go to the field and attend tradeshows to communicate value to prospective customers.

4.       Cost effectiveness

Marketing can be expensive. However, costs can be cut by investing in strategies that have low recurring costs such as car wraps. Exclusively relying on newspaper and radio advertising can be very expensive for companies with limited budgets. Identifying emerging trends and new ways of marketing can significantly reduce costs and enable businesses to reach more people.

5.       Retention

For all businesses, it is important to retain existing clients and gain new ones. There are several ways marketing can assist businesses establish and emotional connection with existing and potential clients. One such ways is the use of promotional products. Everyone loves freebies. These items make customers feel valued and appreciated thus increasing their chances of them doing business with your company in future.

6.       Target specific audience

Targeting can be tricky for most companies. Advertising on newspapers, radio and other platforms does not guarantee that your advert will reach the group of consumers you are targeting. However, a medium like indoor marketing can enable companies to narrow down a specific niche and target that particular audience.