Why use roll up and pop up banners stands?

Roll-up and pop-up banners are essential marketing tools. Companies can use these banners for a number of reasons ranging from creating awareness during events, branding their workplaces, to informing visitors about their products and what their brands stand for. During exhibitions, banner stands play the important role of announcing your presence at the event and drawing visitors to your stand. They play a critical role in complementing a company’s marketing effort and assisting the sales team in their various field activities. The following are some of the benefits of using banner stands:

  • Versatility:  Marketing is expensive and to minimize costs, companies prefer materials that can be used for different functions and activities. Banner stands can be used during exhibitions, during presentations at conferences, at the workplace or during activation activities. Businesses can easily take their marketing effort on the road using banner stands.
  • Durability: A Banner stand artwork is printed on vinyl which is a very durable material is making it long lasting. Roll-up banner stand bases are made from aluminum thus are both durable and lightweight making them easy to transport. Pop-up banners are also durable, compact and light.
  • Portability: Movement is vital when it comes to marketing. One has to be mobile. Banner stands meet this requirement with their ability to retract or fold. They also come with carrying cases making them easy to move around.
  • Easy to assemble: Both roll-up and pop-up banners are easy to assemble. Time is always of the essence when it comes to business. It only takes a few seconds to unpack and assemble banner stands and readily display you marketing message.
  • Enhance brand visibility: Brands need to resonate with their target audience. They need to have an emotional connection with their customers. This connection can be attained through brand visibility. Attending events and displaying your banners bolsters your brand.