X Frame

X stands can be suitable for you who want to give your message extra weight and attention with a grandiose exposed area. X stands perfect for outdoor use and can be assembled in sections into an endless long picture wall-only you can set the limit.


With this banner you are guaranteed attention! It fits perfect in the outdoor event, market activity and campaigns. They are very stable even in strong winds and can be used in most weather.

Flags are all light weighted portable and can be delivered in most different looks and height. The different exciting shapes are a creative way to be visible and works as a way to catch people’s attention from afar. The flagstaff is assembled as a fish pole with different parts that are put together.



It is the perfect solution when you wish to expose your message under sport events, trade fairs and other events.

It is built in anodized aluminum which regardless of its light weight gives a strong and solid stand which is durable for tough handle. The system is easy to disable and carry with. The size of the picture is 2500 x 75mm. Frame banner stand make double sided exposure possible.

You can fasten the picture in four different ways, eyelet, plates, vector tape, or sew a pocket on the picture to let it go over the other side.

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