Roll ups

Standard base

This portable roll up is worth its price and delivers the quality you and your customer needs for a successful event. It only takes one minute to assemble your message which is protected in an elegant cassette of aluminum.

The breadth of a standard (normal) cassette is 85cm. the cassette and the pole are made of anodized aluminum.

Heavy/Broad Base

This roll up can offer you all the functions a demanding customer needs. To change the picture you easily open the cassette to expose the roller blind  which is the head mechanism. To attach the picture you have a clamp list which helps you to a very quick change of picture.

Strengthen the message even more with colored gables; this cassette is delivered with an adjustable pole 200-240cm. the weight makes the roll up steady on mostly basis.

Unevenness can be taken away for now just by an adjustable feet both forward and at the back.

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